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Ethics Education Department is responsible for mainstreaming ethics in public office and stimulating public awareness about ethics and integrity through workshops/seminars, publications, media (print and electronic) and other means the directorate considers appropriate 

Functions of the Department

  1. Mobilizing the public and enlist its involvement in the fight against corruption
  2. Educating and senstizing the public on the implications of corruption on development and social service delivery, and to observe integrity and ethical conduct
  3. Development of National Values and Ethical Standards for public and private conduct, and civil society
  4. Mainstreaming ethical values and standards in public service, private sector and civil society with a view of building integrity in the ugandan society in all aspects of life.

Staff Establishment

The Department is headed by the Deputy Director Ethics -Mr. Makumbi E. Moses. The structure of the department includes:

  1. Director Ethics Education
  2. Deputy Director Ethics Education
  3. Deputy Director Management Information
  4. Principal Ethics Officer (Education)
  5. Principal Information Scientist (Information Management)
  6. Senior Ethics Officer
  7. Senior Information Scientist
  8. Ethics Officers
  9. Information Scientist
  10. Systems Administrator.