Finance and Administration

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The department of Finance and Administration is responsible for developing strategies for ensuring effective, efficient and responsive support services to the Directorate for Ethics and Integrity.

As the “wheels” of the organization, one of the cardinal roles of the department of Finance and Administration is to facilitate and / or support the performance of technical departments of the Directorate to ensure that they achieve their core mandates.

The department is headed by the Principal Assistant Secretary – Mr. Ocen Thomas, supported by a team consisting of a Principal Human Resource Officer; a Senior Assistant Secretary; a Senior Accountant and a number of other officers/staff. 

Functions of the Department

  • The overall coordination and monitoring of all programmes of the Directorate for Ethics and Integrity.  
  • Mobilization of resources; financial, human and material for the effective and efficient operation of the 
    Directorate for Ethics and Integrity.
  • Analyzing and submitting technical reports, quarterly and annual performance reports for the Directorate.
  • Coordination of development plans, Ministerial Policy Statements, Budget Frame Work Papers and budgets for the Directorate
  • Continuous reviewing of the Directorate’s structure in order to improve performance in an anti corruption environment and/or campaign that is constantly evolving.
  • Harmonization and overseeing performance management as well as internal training needs for staff in order to match organizational resources and performance targets.
  • Applying best practices and regulations to ensure efficient management and maintenance of office facilities, logistics and assets.

Staff Establishment:

The department of Finance and Administration is headed by the Principal Assistant.  The structure

  • Principal Assistant Secretary (1)
  • Principal Human Resource Officer (1)
  • Senior Assistant Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Principal Personal Secretary (1)
  • Senior Accountant (1)
  • Accountant (1)
  • Economist (1)
  • Procurement Officer (1)
  • Accounts Asst. (2)
  • Receptionist (1)