The Pornography Control Committee

Uganda has over a period of time experienced moral decadence in society especially among the youth in urban centers. And this has been exhibited through various forms on immorality such as prostitution, drug abuse, alcoholism, homosexuality, pornography among others.

There has been public outcry on the increasing acts of pornography and its negative effects such as masturbation, rape, early pregnancies, addiction to sex, prostitution among the youth in school and out of school, which prompted the Directorate for Ethics and Integrity to intervene to provide mitigating measures to curb the vice.

The general perversion and moral decay in schools and especially among the youth today threatens the future of the children and society at large.  The influx and proliferation of Pornography is a global menace that demands concerted effort by all concerned parties about the future generation and world at large to curb it. It has penetrated our society and will leave us devoid of any morals which are the strength of any nation. The prevalence of pornography in schools, families among the youth and on electronic media is alarming and, has generally reached pathetic and intolerable levels that call for action to restore the morality of this nation.

The government of Uganda in its efforts to avert the vices and mitigate the effects has committed itself to ensuring that morality is upheld by passing the Anti-Pornography Act 2014 and the Anti-Pornography Regulations 2016. It has also facilitated the organizations put in place like the Directorate for Ethics and Integrity to ensure that sanity is restored in society and a value system maintained through its mandate of rebuilding and restoring moral values in society.

Therefore, the Directorate for Ethics and Integrity in line with its mandate of Rebuilding Ethics and Integrity and coordinating the fight against corruption in society through its Legal Department developed the Anti- Corruption Bill which was later passed into an Act of Parliament in 2014. This Act is meant to define and create offence of Pornography; to provide for prohibition of pornography; to establish the Pornography Control Committee (PCC) and prescribe its functions; and for other related matters. As a result, the PCC was approved by cabinet. The Directorate for Ethics and Integrity, which hosts the PCC, embarked on a number of activities to ensure its members are duly appointed, sworn-in, inducted, office space secured and all the necessary logistics are in place among others;this was done in August 2017;and the committee is now in operation to fulfill its mandate.