Vision, Mission, and Core Values


“A  well  governed,  secure  and  prosperous  society  that  cherishes  moral  values  and principles”


To  provide  leadership in  rebuilding ethics  and  integrity  in  the  Ugandan  society and coordinate national efforts against corruption.


To  rebuild  ethics  and  integrity  and  coordinate  national  efforts  in  the  fight  against corruption and consequences of moral decadence.

Core Functions

In delivering its mandate the Directorate concentrates on the following core functions:-

1.  Providing political leadership and coordinating national efforts against corruption
      and moral decadence.

2.  Mainstreaming ethics and integrity to propel good governance.

3.  Spearheading the development of laws, policies and strategies to promote ethics
      and integrity in the Ugandan society.

4.  To coordinate Government engagement with Faith Based Organizations to promote
      responsible and accountable conduct.

Core Values: Integrity, Transparency, Honesty and Accountability (ITHA)