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About the Directorate for Ethics and Integrity

Article 99 (4) of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda empowers the President to designate responsibilities to any institution or agency to help him or her perform the functions as prescribed in clause (1) of the article. In pursuance of this article, His Excellency the President in 1996 assigned the Vice President the responsibility of overseeing the fight against corruption that led to the establishment of an Anti-Corruption Coordination Unit.

In 1998 this Unit was later re-designated to the Directorate for Ethics and Integrity (DEI) as the policy arm in the fight against corruption with an additional mandate of rebuilding ethics and integrity in the society. The DEI is established as the Secretariat for the Inter-Agency Forum (AIF) member institutions, thus coordinating the Government efforts to curb corruption in Uganda.


Rebuild Ethics and Integrity Coordinate National Efforts in the fight against corruption and consequences of Moral Decadence.


To empower the Ugandan Society to uphold moral values and principles in the fight against corruption.


A well governed and prosperous society that cherishes moral values and principles

Core Functions

  1. Providing political leadership and coordinating national efforts against corruption and moral decadence.
  2. Mainstreaming ethics and integrity to propel good governance.
  3. Spearheading the development of laws, policies and strategies to promote ethics and integrity in the Ugandan society.
  4. To coordinate Government engagement with Faith Based Organizations to promote responsible and accountable conduct.

Core Values:

Integrity, Transparency, Honesty and Accountability (ITHA)